News & Events

* Rimal Hotel was reopened to guests after a major refurbishment and refurnishing. A series of opening ceremonies were held in the hotel lobby and restaurant and it was attended by a number of government officials and businessmen.



* Ramadan Iftar is held every day which was attended by many people as well as groups from Ashure Bank and other banks, as well as from different ministries and institutions.



* Rimal Hotel celebrated its relaunch on April 11, 2012. The premises and interiors benefited from a full renovation and refurbishment. The launch party hosted a number of high ranking officials in the political and business arena, including ministers, dignitaries and private sector tycoons.



* Various corporate events and seminars have taken place at the conference center. Fully catered day and week long sessions were organized by NGO's and international companies.



* Private parties including weddings, birthdays, and religious celebrations have taken place at the Rimal Hotel Restaurant. All matters pertaining to the event coordination were managed by the Rimal Hotel staff including the catering, photography, decor and entertainment.



*  The members of the Iraqi National Volleyball team chose to stay at Rimal Hotel during their training camp season held in June and July 2012.




* The Euro Cup 2012 viewing parties were held on game nights at the hotel where patrons enjoyed a snack at the bar and late night dinners with friends while watching the football games on the multiple screens set up throughout the restaurant and lobby from June 8 until July 1, 2012.



* Duhok Football team booked 15 rooms for two days. The guests enjoyed an international breakfast, oriental and western food during the lunch and dinner plus the Rimal Hotel's luxurious rooms and hotel services.




* On the occasion of Annual graduation ceremony, Rimal Hotel and Restaurant has provided a mobile catering services directly from the vehicle to Al-Mustansiriya University park.



* With candle lights and soft music, the bride and the groom gathering with family members, relatives and close friends, a classic Engagement Party took place at Rimal Hotel Restaurant, bride and groom families, relatives and close friends. The invitees spend wonderful night listening to classic music and experiencing delighted Rimal Hotel Restaurant food, cake, and fresh juice.  






*Wedding Party at Rimal Hotel Restaurant, Rimal Hotel Restaurant served catering oriental salads and Lebanese appetizers, delighted BBQs and beverages. Rimal Hotel managed decoration, photography, and video.Lebanese dancing group had a share to add joyful moments to the wedding. Bride and groom spend honeymoon at Rimal Hotel.






*On Valentine Day, Rimal Hotel Restaurant celebrated Valentine Day, enjoying delicious food, BBQ, international and oriental food, fresh juices served by Rimal Restaurant cuisine.The party attended by families and newly married couples to enjoy the day listening to romantic music love songs.





*The convention took place by July 13, 2012 attended by 75 people, the convention submitted by one of the famous scientific bureaus in Baghdad, most are doctors, pharmaceutics and physicians.Open buffet food had been accommodate to the guests including oriental appetizers, BBQ, oriental and international main courses, juices, pastries and seasonal fruits.The guests enjoyed the time listening to the Iraqi folk songs and modern music and showed their satisfaction of joyful and pleasant atmosphere.